What We Do

Establish Your Business Online

Build a solid foundation for highly effective web visibility:

Need to establish a presence for your business on the internet? Struggling to find experts you can TRUST and AFFORD?
Have TMG build an optimised website and establish your business online for a fraction of the cost elsewhere. TMG web services establish the criteria you need to start generating traffic for your business.

Our affordable web packages include:

• A Website with professionally written and optimised content
• Google Analytics & Sophisticated visitor tracking
• Optimised submissions to a large range of major directories
• SEO services- from David to Goliath!
• Web Hosting

Best practices create trust:

Our web packages are put together by a team of expert Internet Marketing specialists who excel in providing systems that:
• Are trusted by major search engines
• Present you professionally to your prospects
• Produce conversions from visitors
• Encourage high levels of web traffic

Position Yourself As An Expert in Your Industry

Highly focused content management

Your customers have questions and look for up to date information online. Are you providing them with answers?
The vast majority of your clients and prospects have come to rely on the proliferation of social media platforms to provide them real time information. By default it has become a business responsibility to supply them with topical easy to digest information. Inevitably, your competitors will be I there, and, if you aren’t, it makes you come across as out of touch. The problem is that finding and supplying fresh new content that will engage your audience takes a lot of time to research and publish.
TMG’s expert team can create, distribute and maintain relevant content on all the prominent across social media channels including:

• Twitter posts
• Facebook updates
• Blog posts
• YouTube videos

A solution that is manageable:

Social media is evolving continuously and it’s a challenge to stay on top of all the changes. This complexity is a barrier to engagement for many people, but it needn’t be. 24 hours a day somewhere, a conversation is taking place between your prospects clients, and competitors. TMG will make sure your voice is heard in that conversation by creating great pages for your business and publishing enticing content daily that is targeted specifically to your audience.

Engage Your Audience

Demand generating email Campaigns

Dramatically improve the power of the buying process with tried and tested email campaigns in the ruthlessly competitive world of email marketing.

At TMG we understand that effective marketing needs a ton of money, energy and time, all three of which are typically in short supply. Fortunately TMG’s email services will handle all the hard work for you! An expert team will create and execute monthly campaigns on your behalf using copywriters and tactics we have extensively tested. TMG’s automated email platforms mean you won’t have to waste time creating untried content that probably won’t work. Our managed solution pushes a powerful message to your audience of clients and prospects with:

• Monthly Newsletters – keeps things topical
• Multi-touch campaigns-with high converting landing pages designed to turn a click into a prospect or customers
• Customer referral promotions- generate warm prospects for your business
• Webinars- created, presented and promoted on your behalf
• The Continuous creation of engaging and educational content distributed to your audience.

Campaigns that are proven to work!

The experience gained by mailing hundreds of thousands of emails, over the years, gives us confidence that our campaigns are highly effective in the attraction of new business, reviving lost opportunities, and increasing ongoing sales within your customer base.

TMG has rigorously tested different types and styles of content, subject lines, and promotions across a very wide range of products and services. We’ve done the hard yards so you don’t have too. We understand what works best, and we’re sharing our expertise with you. As an example, TMG’s email model will help you sell the following services:

• Legal – broad and laser targeted.
• Accountancy – broad and laser targeted.
• Dentistry
• Cosmetic Dentistry
• Medical
• Cosmetic Surgery
• Chiropractic
• Therapeutic Practice
• Cleaning
• Household