Website Development

TMG is a full-service digital marketing and web design company. We offer scalable internet services to small or large companies across all verticals: Retail, E commerce, Legal, Accountancy, Real Estate, Financial Services, Medical, High Tech, and numerous others- the key is to build to marketing design.

Our professional team of web designers have custom created many beautiful and functional sites that enhance your brand and deliver business results. TMG focus is always on a marketing design which will offer the best ROI, not just an attractive look and feel, although we don’t ignore aesthetics-quite the opposite.

TMG takes your marketing objectives seriously and we look at your website as part of an integrated strategy not just a stand-alone project. There’s simply too much dead real estate out there in the WWW.

Your Business. Create a clear roadmap.

We meet with you and understand your objectives, make recommendations and work with you every step of the way to ensure we’re both on track with the correct marketing design.

Design. Brand strategy and business functionality.

TMG will identify the key elements that your brand seeks to communicate and create an image that’s congruent with your business aims.

Online Dynamics. Interactivity with your customers and staff demands a flexible and responsive design.

Your new site must be a complete portal to the world and may include back-end systems to manage transactions and/or other customer relations tasks.This is all part of an effective marketing design.

Robustness. We ensure that your site won’t “break” under high traffic load.

TMG will recommend the correct server bandwidth and ensure that the site structure is bug free and SEO friendly to W3C standards.

Visitors. Enjoy your first web tourists extremely quickly.

By designing an online marketing strategy which may include a breadth of SEO, PPC, PPV, advertising and social networking TMG will generate traffic and create sales leads.

Content is King

If “Position, position, position” is the real estate mantra then “Publish, publish, publish” is the online equivalent and your marketing design will reflect this.
Fresh, relevant and frequent content is needed to maintain your site’s ranking and compete effectively with the crowds of also rans. Our team will assist you with this task. We are proud of our high level of post implementation support.

Online Dynamics

Our business development philosophy drives us to develop a full 360 degree site.