Mobile Marketing

Reinvent, restructure, and redesign for mobile marketing or you’re toast!

Mobile devices are about to dwarf PC’s, Macs and laptops. A mobile web presence will no longer be a “nice to have” it’s already mandatory if you’re serious about your marketing future. Is your company ready for the mobile marketing tsunami?

Prior to 2007, surfing the internet on a mobile device was an ugly experience. I can remember trying to find information online from a BlackBerry, a Palm Treo, and Windows Mobile devices, but I was totally frustrated by poor speed and hopeless GUI efforts. Back then I was itching for the time when I’d be able to access the web from my mobile device as easily as I could on my PC.

That day has arrived in a less than subtle manner; in fact, it’s reached the point where the majority of users just take it for granted and that’s one of the main reasons why smartphone sales surpassed PCs in 2012. Technology is accelerating so quickly that the majority of companies are going to be in a serious rut if they don’t adapt and re-think their customer experience for mobile marketing.

Computers and Macs are about to get lapped by smartphones and iPads, and Mobile Marketing will surpass SEO as we know it.
It’s only been five years since the launch of the first super cool mobile device.

When the iPhone arrived in June 2007, it was a watershed moment that turned smartphones into fully-fledged Internet ready hand held devices. Even though the first generation iPhone was severely limited because we lacked 3G mobile broadband, it still reinvented the mobile user interface. If you’d used the iPhone on a WI-Fi connection you could easily predict that the future was to hold the full power of the web in the palm of your hand. It was inevitable that Mobile Marketing would be the platform of choice for savvy business thinkers.

Before the iPhone, and inevitably those that followed -like the Android and Blackberry variations — arrived on the scene, 90 per cent of connections to the web were on Windows PCs. It seems like eons but it’s only been 5 years! In 2012, worldwide PC sales reached about 400 million units, while smartphone sales surpassed 600 million. Tablet sales accounted for a further 100 million units. In simple terms this means that web connectivity preference has shifted by around 60%. Only about 35% of the new devices sold last year that have internet connectivity will be Windows PCs. That’s a staggering shift by anyone’s criteria; technology has turned the marketing world on its head once again.

Here are a few ideas to help you adjust to this new mobile marketing paradigm.

  1. Make sure that your website has a mobile friendly version so if I search for you it will be a pleasing and informative experience.
  2. Consider an app for your business that can sit on your customer’s phone so you can be reached by a single tap of her finger.
  3. Offer incentives to your customers to download your app and make sure your customer list is kept informed by “push” marketing. If you’re a restaurant you can push out a special on a quiet night for example.
  4. Employ SMS technology to send reminders and invitations.
  5. Use coupons with a QR code so your prospects will respond to any offer easily and effectively.
  6. If you’re at a convention with your own stand use proximity marketing to “page” anyone in range.

That’s a few simple Mobile Marketing concepts which you may like to consider, and remember a text is opened within 3 minutes of delivery 90% of the time-makes email look sluggish!

Make no mistake the future is here and the future lies in Mobile Marketing. TMG has invested in the platforms and technology to deliver exactly what you need at a surprisingly affordable price-point.