How It Works

When looking for a marketing strategy, most small businesses are faced with a couple of radically different – but equally challenging – options:

Both options consume precious resources:

The first option costs a virtual fortune in staff time and the other goes through your working capital that could be more effectively used for a more productive purpose. When faced with a choice of the two extremes most SME’s end up neglecting marketing altogether – that is until the sales funnel runs dry and they’re pushed into panic driven marketing strategy. Typically a cold calling effort, which is a colossal expense in time for highly paid salespeople.


“Marketing as a service” is a third option which provides a highly effective happy medium between DIY and the expense of a Marketing Agency.

Get proven strategies, continuously refreshed campaign materials and the consulting expertise that will enable your business to attract, engage and convert your prospects.

TMG services sit in the sweet spot between DIY and agency services – we deliver the professional creative, delivery and management you’d see from an agency, but much more realistically priced, to offer a “Win Win” overall..

Leverage your expertise:

You’re an expert in creating and delivering your own products and services which consumes 100% of your professional time and effort. Most businesses don’t have the experience, time, or desire to learn and apply the marketing principles that work in the integrated online world.

You can rely on TMG! With years of experience, and lots of trial and error, we have developed strategies that resonate with your audience – formulas that consistently and reliably generate new opportunities for our clients.

The bottom line:

By offering services that generate demand, at a cost-effective price point, TMG, gives you the freedom to do what you do best – the delivery of exceptional products and services to your customers.