Email Marketing

Create Targeted Messages With TMG e-Mail Marketing Campaigns!

Email Marketing

Often discounted by many businesses as a junk strategy, Email marketing is an extremely powerful and the most cost effective way to market your business. Email has the highest ROI of any direct marketing approach.  In addition to using email marketing to generate new business, the platform provides the perfect way to maintain customer contact and enhance brand awareness.

TMG will partner you throughout the life cycle of your email marketing campaign. From high level strategy and design through to email broadcasting, our creative team can write email content that produces outstanding sales results for your business.

We are not just a workmanlike email marketing service; rather we consult with you and your team to understand your goals and maximise your return on investment. We help you create brand awareness and convert your prospects into buyers with innovative strategies and expert copywriting.

An intelligent email marketing campaign produces sharp and relevant content, delivered straight to your audience.  With our proprietary tools for broadcast effectiveness, and an expert team, TMG produces tangible results for you and your target market.

TMG email marketing campaign features and benefits include:

  1. Web Based– log in securely from anywhere around the world.
  2. Highly Targeted– use segmentation to personalise your list and send email at just the right times for your prospective client. TMG has  a wide variety of templates ready to populate.
  3. Comprehensive Reporting –with hot prospect management reports and sales funnels, you can monitor how recipients have interacted with your message and tweak copy accordingly.
  4. Tracking– monitor deliverability, open rates, click through rates, and trigger actions based on recipient activity within your campaign.
  5. Surveys– a great way to inspire engagement is to create an interesting online survey for your opt-in lists. This can provide valuable market intelligence.