Content Creation and Distribution

One of the most time consuming tasks facing any business with a dynamic web presence is content creation. Content is King for web recognition and ranking, particularly since the advent of Google authorship which places great emphasis on the writer. This offers an opportunity to establish an online persona and build a genuine following. At TMG we recognise the importance of fresh topical content as the fuel of your online campaign and website, Social Media, and blog articles.

To fill this demand we have established a team of professional writers who will create compelling content for any business type on demand. We also have a Curation system which pulls trending hot content from the web and posts to your blog or Social media pages with appropriate acknowledgments. Curation is an acknowledged methodology for content creation and is Google friendly.

TMG provides this content creation service as part of the Connect package and can supply articles or sales copy for your approval on an ad hoc basis at a very realistic price point.