Our Expertise = Your Success

We measure our success by the business opportunities we generate for our clients, not by the TMG balance sheet.

My name is Christopher Kelly and I’m the CEO of TMG. I’ve been in direct sales and marketing for over 25 years, entirely in IT, so I’ve seen some colossal changes in a relatively short space of time. I love being at the cutting edge of developments in the virtual world, but I’m mindful that the basics of Sales and Marketing haven’t changed; just the way in which we deliver information and build relationships. I wanted to build a marketing company that recognised all the traditional drives to do business and create a synergy between old and new.

Marketing in the 21st century is changing at warp speed! The Total Marketing Group prides itself in staying ahead of the curve in order to offer our clients topical advice that works in the restless world of marketing in the connected world..

It’s a redundant concept to simply pursue a single marketing pathway, and many traditional ways to advertise and promote are simply not working anymore, or the ROI is pitiful. Unlike the majority of our competitors, who offer one piece of the jigsaw, we have the resources to design a cross platform strategy, which completes the picture, and deliver a polished result. We recognise that each client is unique, and we go to great lengths to analyse the opportunities and create a discrete system that is flawlessly engineered to your market niche.

The TMG concept is to bring together a variety of different platforms and media in order to meet the prospective client in a more personal way and build the ever more critical relationships we need to do business. Principally, but not exclusively, the opportunities are online. The digital age is upon us and we can’t ignore the power of Social Media, Smartphones, iPads, blogs, and correctly optimised websites.

TMG will:

1. Make it easier to market your business by utilising the power of technology and the internet

2. Apply a proven approach to generate and qualify interest.

3. Implement a system to follow up on that interest and convert prospects into buyers.
TMG’s team offers a wealth of experience and a pragmatic approach to marketing that delivers through execution.